APL Match featuring Shaheen Asmayee

In a tense match on Thursday, Shaheen Asmayee FC defeated De Abasin Sape FC 1-0, making its second win in the 5th match of the 2018 Afghanistan Premier League and 3rd match of group “A”.

Both the teams had won their first group stage matches and tried to make their job easy for qualifying into the semi-finals. 

De Abasin Sape failed to grab lead in the first-half despite few chances. They made good run into the right channel but failed to capitalize any. 

De Abasin Sape kicked off the match with a defense attitude while Shaheen kept breaking their defense line with constant attacks. The men in white made a serious counter attack in 35th minute, but it was Kawash Haidari, Shaheen’s Goalkeeper, who saved his team and took the ball into control.

In 44th minute of the game an attack from the right side of the pitch by Shaheen took the ball closer to their opponent’s goal and Mustafa Afshar took their team to a 1-0 lead. 

De Abasin Sape was not able to create any meaningful openings in the first half. Their very few attempts were dragged off target by Shaheen’s defense line. The referee whistled for the half time with a 1-0 score for Shaheen.

Shaheen started the second half aggressively and kept threatening Abasin’s goal, but some great interceptions by men in white prevented them to get the ball into the net.

Abasin continued having their dangerous counter attacks, yet again Kawash Haidari kept the Shaheen’s door closed and defused their efforts. The referee whistled for the full time and Shaheen made their job easy getting into semi-finals.

The game statistics showed 52 percent match possession for Shaheen Asmayee. Kawash Haidari of Shaheen received man of the match award.

On Friday, October 12, De Maiwand Atalan will hit the ground against Toofan Harirod in Afghanistan Football Federation Stadium at 5:30pm Kabul time.


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