2022 AFF Cup Qualifiers

On April 17, Asian Football Federation (AFC) will hold a draw for World Cup 2022 qualifying round at its headquarters in Malaysia. The first qualifying round of  FIFA World Cup 2022 in Asia is equivalent to AFC Asian Cup Qualifier 2023. Based on FIFA Rankings, representatives of Asia being ranked from 35 to 46 will attend tomorrow’s ceremony.

These teams include: Malaysia, Cambodia, Macau, Laos, Bhutan, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Guam, Brunei, Timor-Leste, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

World Cup 2022 Qualifiers will have 4 rounds. Twelve teams in the first qualifying round will play in play-off format on their home field to select six teams that qualify for the second qualifying round.

The second qualifier consists of 40 teams competing, in which 6 teams passing the first round and 34 teams being ranked from 1 to 34 in Asia according to FIFA Rankings. Then the next rounds will select four teams to enter World Cup 2022 and two teams play play-off to compete for World Cup.

Since Vietnam NT is ranked 16th in Asia, coach Park Hang-seo will start playing from the 2nd Qualifying Round. Other 40 teams in this round will be divided into 8 groups, each with 5 teams. Playing in home and away to earn points in each group.

After finishing the second qualifying round, 8 teams ranked first and 4 teams ranked second with the best performance in 8 groups (a total of 12 teams) will gain direct ticket to Asian Cup 2023 Finals, also taking the chance to participate the final qualifier of FIFA World Cup 2022.


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