Premier League Clubs Unlikely to Approve Use of VAR for Next Season

The implementation of the video assistant referee system (VAR) in the Premier League next season appears unlikely as a number of clubs are reluctant to ratify its use at a shareholders meeting on Friday.

VAR has been marred by controversy during the testing phase, with complaints from managers and players compounded by fans’ frustration at the decision-making process.

The length of time it takes to make a decision and the lack of information about it inside stadiums are among the issues that have arisen during testing in this season’s FA Cup.

VAR will be used at the World Cup in Russia this summer after being approved by the FIFA council last month, yet it appears that the Premier League will not be doing so.

At least 14 clubs must accept the proposal to use VAR in order for it to be implemented in 2018-19, but many would rather wait another season so that it can be fine-tuned.

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